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Text Box: Food Shopping

     We seldom see a real supermarket!  There is one about 4 blocks away but small by American standards.  You will not find a large frozen section or prepared foods in attendance.They do have a small frozen food section.

     The fresh bread and cheese sections are big.  On packaged goods the selections are small.  They do not carry every brand under the sun.  The produce and meat departments are well stocked.  Most of the meat is cut on site. Real butchers still exists in Italy.

     The bulk of our food shopping is from street vendors or at one of two indoor markets close by.  We do shop at a small grocery, almost like a 7-11, basically milk, butter, and snack stuff. 

     We do ordering on-line from a co-op that will deliver the next day.  Their pricing on a 2L bottle of water at 17 cents is one of the reasons.  They do carry a few items for Chinese and Mexican cooking so no more running all over Rome to find taco shells!  They are the only place we have found Hellmanns Mayo!!!! Delivery is free and between 8 and 9am.

     We get our supply of veggies and fruit from one of two street vendors.  Both are only a two block walk from the apartment.  The street will be lined with vendors selling everything from clothes, electronics, kitchenware and general goods. 

     Everything is sold by the kilo, (2.2 pounds), Grab a bag get what you need and when finsihed everything is weighed and here is the bill.

     The good thing—really fresh.  Veggies will last for 10 days, fruit the same.  We also have a butcher that is set up with a permanent street stall where we purchase all of our meats.  Nothing like picking out the cuts you want made into hamburger. 

     Meat prices in Italy can be high.  The good thing is everything is custom cut and you have little or no trim waste when preparing. 

     Fish is a bargain.  Fresh Salmon cleaned, and cut as you like will run you $7.00 a pound.  Shrimp, shell fish and various catches of the day all very reasonable.  You know it is fresh and the best days to shop, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

     Prices on most veggies and fruit will run from 25 to 40% less than in the states.  We eat pretty healthy now.  Nothing prepared, everything fresh, we shop every three days and use 99% of what we buy. 

     Our food bills are 50% less than what we spent in New York.  Markets open at 0700 close at 1400. 


Top 4 photos are our  guys who set up on the street two blocks from the apartment.



Below is the oldest indoor market in Rome.  This is one of 4 main aisles .... This is where you find your fish guy.