Text Box: Ulitities



     You are limited as to the amount of power delivered.  The committed power is 4500KW with a total available power of 11,000KW.  Everything runs on 220 not 110 as in the USA.


The average cost of a KW is ,097 cents. 

     There is a delivery charge, a system charge and taxes.  The actual cost is:

0,2464 per KW hour.

100 kw hours is €24,64 or $28.58


     This will vary period to period as we are on a free market pricing contract.

     Now you see why no clothes dryer.  You learn to air dry everything year round to save on electric. 




The cost of a Standard Meter of gas is €0,509, ($0.539), 

Delivery, system charges and taxes add up to to €1,122, ($1.2053), per smc. 

Basically €100,34 ($108.41) for 100smc. 

Heating, cooking and hot water is with gas. 



     You are billed twice a year by AMA the trash arm of the government.  The charge is computed on the number of people living in the apartment. 

     Our trash bill is €136,46, ($158.29), every 6 months. 

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Text Box: Taxes

VAT or as you call it SALES TAX:

     Vat in Italy is 22% charged on everything you buy.  Some limited food items and certain medical items are only taxed in the 12% range.

     The difference is the price you see marked in a shop is the price you pay.  The VAT has already been figured into the price. 



     No getting around it.  Once a year on your electric bill is a television tax of €100 euro.  It supports the public broadcasting arm of the government.



   When you need to conduct business with the government you pay a tax on all submitted forms.  Simply called a Bollo or basically a stamp duty tax. 

     The tax can range from a couple euro up to 100 or more based on the request.



     The  USA collects income tax no matter where you live.  The key—live in a country that has tax treaty with the US:  If not you could pay twice on any income you have.  Thankfully the US and Italy have a treaty in place.